August 15th, 2015 – Cinder Conk

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Cinder Conk2Cinder Conk  

Saturday, August 15

7:30 pm      $10

Vestry Community Room

Returning to New Gloucester off the heels of a two-year hiatus and a recent musical trip to the Balkans, Cinder Conk is eager to share new songs from the old world of Southeastern Europe. Playing dance tunes and ballads from Bulgaria, Serbia, Romania, and Maine, Matt Schreiber (accordion) and Xar Adelberg (bass) bring a beautiful and seldom-heard music to a place in the ear and heart that straddles the distant and the kindred.

Unbelievably haunting, rousing, earthy, rumbles-in-your-toes-flies-out-the-top-of-your-head music you don’t merely hear, you experience!  lkg

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